Desktop Application

Many people have been asking us for functionality to enter notecards on the computer and sync them to their mobile devices. We decided to release a beta version of our application. Right now the application is only available for Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

With the desktop application you can import from either a plain text file or from a comma seperated values (csv) file. CSV files can be easily made from any popular spreadsheet program. You can also export to a csv file so that you can easily backup your data in a format that you can read without needing our application.

Notecards Desktop also has a simple and efficient interface to enter in new notecards on your Mac.

You can sync any stack between the desktop application and your mobile device over your local network. The desktop application simulates a mobile device and it will show up in the sharing menu of the mobile application just as any other device would. Note: It is possible to create a wi-fi network from any apple computer equiped with a wi-fi card. This means that you do not need to actually have interent to share the cards.

Feature Summary

  • Create and organize an unlimited amount of notecards
  • Sync Notecard Stacks to your mobile device
    (Device must have Notecards installed)
  • Import / Export Comma Seperated Value (csv) files
  • Import plain text file